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Mónica Spear

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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by Lucas on 07.01.14 20:40

Najžalosnije je to što je završila kao i većina likova koje je glumila - tragično.

Tako mlada,tako lijepa,tako talentirana.   cry

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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by gossip boy(an) on 07.01.14 21:18

gossip boy(an)
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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by Latinac on 07.01.14 21:26

O tragediji piše i RTS.

Ubijena bivša mis Venecuele

Zvezda sapunica i bivša mis Venecuele Monika Sper i suprug nađeni mrtvi. Ubijeni u pokušaju pljačke, pošto su im se kola pokvarila na putu. U kolima nađena živa njihova petogodišnja ćerka.

Bivša mis Venecuele i zvezda sapunica Monika Sper i njen suprug pronađeni su ubijeni u njihovim kolima na putu u Venecueli, javili su lokalni mediji.

Njihova petogodišnja ćerka je u istim kolima pronađena živa i, nakon što je hospitalizovana, nalazi se u stabilnom stanju, saopštile su venecuelanske vlasti.

Kako je preneo AFP, Sper (29) i njen suprug Tomas Henri Beri (39) pronađeni su mrtvi u ponedeljak uveče u njihovim kolima na putu koji povezuje gradove Puerto Kabelo i Valensija.

Prema navodima lokalne štampe, suprug Sperove je irski ili britanski državljanin.

Za sada nije izdato nikakvo zvanično saopštenje u kojem je navedeno na koji su način ubijeni.

Par su navodno, kako pišu lokalni mediji, iz vatrenog oružja ubili pljačkaši, nakon što im se auto pokvario na putu.

Sperova je bila izabrana za mis Venecuele 2004. godine, a glumila je i u popularnim serijama "Pasion prohibida" i "Flor salvahe".

Prema saopštenju NVO Venecuelanske opservatorije za nasilje, sa 79 ubistava na 100.000 stanovnika u 2013. godini, Venecuela je među zemljama sa najvišom stopom ubistava u svetu.


Objavili i na fejsbuku.

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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by Bayron on 07.01.14 21:42

i b92, mondo, tanjug, rtv, novosti, telegraf, kurir, alo... i niko uredno da transkriptuje njeno prezime.
svi redom portali iz regiona objavljuju, jer vest prenose i najuticajniji svetski mediji. evo dobrog članka iz guardiana:

Former Miss Venezuela and British ex-husband shot dead by robbers
Mónica Spear, a telenovela actor and former beauty queen, dies with ex-husband in robbery that also injures five-year-old child

Virginia López in Caracas and Jonathan Watts
theguardian.com, Tuesday 7 January 2014 19.44 GMT

Former Miss Venezuela Mónica Spear in the 2005 beauty pageant. Spear's car may have broken down before armed robbers approached. Photograph: Chaiwat Subprasom/Reuters

A Venezuelan beauty queen and her British ex-husband were shot and killed after their car broke down on a roadside near Puerto Cabello on Monday night.

Mónica Spear, who won the Miss Venezuela crown in 2004, and Thomas Berry, a travel company boss from London, according to his Facebook page, are believed to be the victims of an attempted robbery or kidnapping in one of the world's most dangerous countries.

Their bodies – along with their injured five-year-old daughter Maya, who is now receiving hospital treatment – were found in a Toyota Corolla that had apparently broken down on the way from Puerto Cabello to Valencia.

Reflecting the high profile of Spear, President Nicolás Maduro made a statement on the killing, saying it reflected wider problems. "It is very sad to hear of the loss of this young woman … It is a problem of social violence," he said.

After giving up her beauty crown, Spear became a successful TV presenter and telenovela, or soap, actor.

The couple divorced in 2013, but remained on good terms and kept close ties with Venezuela. Berry's Irish father lives in Caracas, where he was a professor of mathematics at Simón Bolívar University for several decades before his retirement.

Spear had returned to Venezuela from her new home in Miami for a working holiday. In an earlier interview, she said she had moved to the US due to fears of crime in her home country. Spear was due to return to Miami later this week.

Mónica Spear carved out a successful career as a TV presenter and actor after her beauty contest win. Photograph: Andrew Alvarez/AFP/Getty Images

Her recent tweets suggest she had been enjoying the trip. Berry's Facebook photos show the couple have travelled extensively.

Police are investigating the deaths and have sealed off the area. According to the local broadcasters Globovision and Union Radio, detectives are working on the assumption that the car's engine malfunctioned, forcing them to wait by the road for the arrival of a tow truck. Opportunistic thieves then attempted to rob them and started shooting when the couple resisted.

Local reports said Berry, 39, was shot in the chest while his former partner suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Their bodies were taken to a morgue in Valencia, which is about 110 miles west of Caracas.

The couple's daughter is in a stable condition after treatment for a bullet wound to her leg. Her grandparents were said to be with her in hospital.

Spear's death has shocked her many fans. Her Twitter account has more than 355,000 followers, many of whom posted messages of condolence to her family and expressed anger at the killers.

"I'm so sad for my Venezuela, my condolences for Mónica Spear's family. Rage and impotence are what I feel right now," wrote Venezuelan salsa singer Oscar D'León.

The minister for communications, Delcy Rodríguez, tweeted her condolences and promised the "full weight of the law" would be used to find the perpetrators.

Venezuela has one of the highest murder rates in the world with more killings than the United States and Europe combined, according to one estimate.

The Venezuelan Violence Observatory said the rate had risen fourfold in the past 15 years. The NGO estimates that 24,763 killings occurred in 2013, pushing up the homicide rate to 79 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The government says the rate is about half this level, though that would still make Venezuela more dangerous than many warzones.

Polls consistently show violent crime to be the main concern of voters. President Maduro has declared it his top priority, but several previous campaigns to improve public safety have failed to halt the worsening of the situation.

Henrique Viloria, a radio host, who announced the deaths, said the government needed to pay more attention to the issue of crime and place less emphasis on handing out electronic goods – a reference to the military-imposed discounts at shops before Christmas.


pa vi sad vidite kako je u venecueli. kolumbija i meksiko su isto u haosu.


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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by Miloš92 on 07.01.14 21:51

Ova slika sve govori. Šta reći nego strašno. Uprkos svemu mogu reći da sam srećan što živim u Srbiji, pa kakav god ona bila.

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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by Stefan on 07.01.14 23:36

Venevision je poslao saopštenje medijima povodom Monicine smrti... U sećanje na nju, od 20. januara repriziraće telenovelu "La mujer perfecta".


VENEVISION tiene el penoso deber de informar que ha fallecido MÓNICA SPEAR, una de las más importantes reinas de belleza y reconocida actriz de la televisión.  Sin duda, su partida es una irreparable pérdida para el mundo del espectáculo, pues ella con su talento, sensibilidad y belleza, durante su corta pero fructífera trayectoria, se ganó el cariño tanto del público venezolano, como internacional.

Mónica Spear inició su carrera artística participando en el año 2004 en el Miss Venezuela, certamen que ganó, y la llevó a representar a su país en el Miss Universo, donde quedó de cuarta finalista.  Luego de estudiar Arte Dramático en Estados Unidos, debutó en la televisión en el 2006 en la telenovela “El Desprecio”.  Un año después obtiene su primera protagonización en el dramático “Mi Prima Ciela”, luego encabeza el elenco de “Calle Luna, Calle Sol”, y seguidamente realiza una participación especial en la telenovela “Que el Cielo me explique”.

En el año 2010 llega a VENEVISION para protagonizar junto a Ricardo Álamo a “LA MUJER PERFECTA”, una exitosa producción dramática en la que interpretó a Micaela Gómez, una mujer con Síndrome de Asperger.  Para Mónica fue una bendición de Dios interpretar un personaje que revestía una gran profundidad, con un mundo interior fascinante que solo a ella le pertenecía, y en él que era feliz… Y tan bendecida fue que “Micaela” le abrió las puertas de la internacionalización.  Al finalizar “La Mujer Perfecta”, Spear firma contrato con la cadena internacional Telemundo, y realiza las telenovelas “Flor Salvaje” y “Pasión Prohibida”.

Mónica deja a Maya, su hija de 5 años de edad, fruto de su matrimonio con Thomas Berry.

El próximo 20 de enero, en homenaje al trabajo actoral de MÓNICA SPEAR, y a petición del público, de sus seguidores y de sus colegas y compañeros de trabajo, VENEVISION decidió reponer al aire la exitosa telenovela “La Mujer Perfecta”.

Escrita por la pluma del reconocido Leonardo Padrón, “La Mujer Perfecta” narra la vida de seis mujeres que viven en un país donde muchas luchan por convertirse en lo que todo hombre sueña.  Es una historia sobre las distintas formas del amor, el imperio de la vanidad, la exclusión social, la ambición, la fama y sus delirios, el culto al ego y la familia como fortaleza.  Junto a MÓNICA SPEAR, esta producción fue protagonizada por Ricardo Álamo, Ana Karina Manco, Eduardo Orozco, Marlene De Andrade, Manuel Sosa, Marisa Román, Flavia Glezke, Jean Carlo Simancas, Mariaca Semprum, Albi De Abreu, Guillermo García y Eduardo Serrano.  Fue dirigida por César Bolívar.

La gran familia de VENEVISION y todo CISNEROS MEDIA se unen al duelo que embarga a sus familiares y amigos, a quienes hoy la vida les ha arrebatado a una gran mujer y actriz de talla internacional.
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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by Stefy on 08.01.14 0:48

Ja sam isto bio šokiran kada sam jutros pročitao vest. Nisam je gledao ni u jednoj seriji, ali mi je svakako žao jer je dosta mlada, a i niko ne zaslužuje takav kraj - zaista tragično.  cry 


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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by Hierro on 08.01.14 1:09

Steta sto na ovakav nacin ceo svet saznaje za nju. sad
Inace na leto je Svetsko prvenstvo u fudbalu u Brazilu(dakle J.Amerika) i tamo pretpostavljam da ce biti svega...
Izvinite na off-u, ali Monicina smrt me je asocirala na SP i Brazil.

Pre godinu dana sam planirao da gledam "Flor salvaje", a sada je pitanje da li cu je ikada odgledati jer mi je nekako bedak gledati je u glavnoj ulozi, a znam da je ona mrtva.  sad 
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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by zzz369 on 08.01.14 1:24

I meni je isto žao, pod dojmom sam. Tim više što nije jedina loša vijest zadnjih dana.

Najprije je umrla Karla Alvarez, 41 godina, relativno još mlada, ali čitao sam još za vrijeme Que Bonito Amor da dosta loše živi, ima problema s alkoholom, bulimijom što već, a i vidjelo se u seriji dosta da je smršavila, pa sam ajde zaključio da joj se nešto takvo moglo dogoditi iako nije trebalo.

Jučer je umrla Alma Muriel, 62 godine, nije ona bila mlada, ali nije bila ni stara toliko, nisam pročitao nigdje da je neuredno živjela ili bila bolesna ili slično, a umrla od zatajenja srca. Bilo mi je skroz neobično i svejedno sam se iznenadno jer zadnjih 5 godina nije glumila toliko u sapunicama i nije bila medijski eksponirana, barem ondje gdje ja pratim. Ima ajde kolko tolko godina, ali opet.

A danas Monica Spear, definitivno najveći šok, 29 godina, ubijena u Venezueli. U zadnjih godinu dana najviše sam pratio njenu karijeru, otkad je počela Pasion Prohibida, serija mi se svidjela od početka i elenco i priča i produkcija, samo već sam u par navrata komentirao da nisam htio onakav kraj. Danas sam pročitao na Comunidad što se dogodilo i surfajući po temama ubrzo sam saznao da je stvarno. Tragedija. Bila je baš dobra glumica, kao Bianca mi se baš dopala i očekivao sam ju u novim telenovelama nakon kratke stanke, baš šteta. Znao sam da je Venezuela katastrofa, ali baš mi je žao što se to dogodilo upravo njoj, kćeri i mužu. Nadam se da će se ponešto više saznati o napadu i da će uhvatiti krivce, nitko još zasada ne otkriva detalje, svi pišu jedno te isto. Ni ja ne kužim čemu opiranje, zašto su ih točno napali, a i kud su išli u Venezuelu, kad su mogli biti na sigurnom u Miamiju. Da imam priliku biti u Miamiju, iako volim odakle sam, ne bih se baš vraćao previše. Ali opet ništa se ne može predvidjeti.

E da zaboravio sam i Paula Walkera, jer zadnjih godina slabo pratim televizijsku i filmsku industriju u SAD-u, isto tragedija, mrzim kad se takve stvari događaju.

Ponekad se iznenadim, kad se radi o ovakvim stvarima, koliko život osobe koju zapravo niti ne poznajem može utjecati na mene.
Que en paz descanses Monica Spear, me hubiera gustado que las cosas susedieran de otro modo.

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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by ghostrid on 08.01.14 3:19

I ja cu dodati i u ovoj temi da mi je zao zbog njene smrti. Šokiran sam bio smrcu i ove dve glumice (Karla i Alma), al Monika me svakako pokopala. Ja sam se radovao seriji "Pasion prohibida" i cini mi se i dalje dobra, i voleo bih da ide kod nas, samo da imam bar jednu njenu za uspomenu... Ovo je zaista šok za celu planetu, sve najgore pociniteljima.

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Re: Mónica Spear

Post by Sponsored content

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